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Mission: Raise the bar.

If you are going to give yourself away, make sure you are doing it for the right reason. There are a million reasons to give yourself away and most of them are close to the heart. However, giving your personal labour to private business for private profit, free of charge, has previously been referred to as slavery. An important motivation behind this endeavour is giving interns and people who are preparing for job market entry an opportunity to organize in order to promote mutual interests and to contribute to improved social justice, while at the same time developing technical and team-related projects skills required in the job market and required of social and/or commercial entrepreneurs.

The Giving Yourself Away "internship" Project, a place where everyone is an Intern.

The goals of this project are multifaceted. Its goals are your goals, given that it aims to:

Areas of thematic focus

As flexible as things can be made, some order is needed to move forward. In a spirit of collaboration, mutual respect and the pursuit of both personal profit and the greater good, the following areas of thematic focus are proposed to interns who wish to contribute to the unfolding vision and development of the Giving Yourself Away "internship" Project:

  1. Diffuse information, in part through Intern recruitment efforts, regarding minimum legal standards in training and remuneration of interns, or similar such early career positions. If it is too cumbersome to prove that you offer good training value, then just pay at least the minimum wage!
  2. Establish that minimum wage laws apply to everyone, whether an intern at a major newspaper or financial firm, an apprentice with a contractor in the trades, or a waiter/waitress-in-training at your local café. This stated goal is directed in particular towards for-profit businesses.
  3. Influence prices of labour at the entry level, or stated in somewhat more theoretical terms, influence labour market conditions, perhaps including through regulatory appeal, to ensure basic minimum working conditions in all for-profit organizations (which are important contributors to society and are often effective at putting our highly educated, trained and talented work force to use in diverse productive activities, thereby contributing significantly to our high average standards of living).
  4. Provide rewarding opportunities for each Intern to play key roles on collaborative teams while completing projects which contribute to all four areas of thematic focus.